Save the Radio 4 Theme - Where to buy/download the CD

UK ThemeWhen can I buy it?

You can buy it from Monday 27th March in the shops or online, or you can pre-order your copy from beforehand (see below for link)

Where to buy it

'Physical' CD retailers: TESCO, ASDA, WOOLWORTHS, HMV & VIRGIN Online mail-order: (£1.99) and (£3.99 for some reason)

What to ask for

The single's official title is 'Radio 4 UK Theme', catalogue number SSUKCDS001, released on Sweetspot Music, distributed by Pinnacle.

Where to download it

The tracks will also be available as downloads from March 27th at:,,,, and as well as via the campaign website, , where clickable links will appear on Monday (prices range from 59p to 99p per track)

Where to pre-order your copy NOW! -;-1;-1;-1&sku=484371 ...and don't forget, PROCEEDS GO TO THE LIGHT MUSIC SOCIETY